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Our haven of peace

The name of our home “all’ombra del Pero” which literally means “Under the shady pear tree” comes from the stately 150 years old pear tree which every visitor looks on with a mixture of wonder and incredulity. Its shade and fruits will delight you too!!!

“All’ombra del Pero” is an antique farmhouse situated on top of a hill – typical of the “langhe” region. It is in a sunny and   panoramic position. It was built around 200 years ago. However today it has been   completely renovated and offers every comfort those who desire to be fully immersed in an atmosphere that recalls times gone by and to be pampered by things that are both genuine and fascinating , surrounded by stones that whisper stories of the tradition deeply –rooted in the earth.

“All’ombra del Pero” is situated in a glorious hill top position at Torretta, near the historic town of Mango in central Piemonte. At 650 m above   sea level, it offers marvellous views over the rolling hills and countryside,   dotted with vineyards, hazelnut orchards and forests full of giant chestnut trees, in the Langhe and Monferrato region.

In the Middle Ages, Mango was an important centre connecting Piemonte and Liguria through the ancient Roman road “Magistrum Langarum”. Today, the Castle of Mango is home to a collection of famous regional wines.  Mango’s typical wine is the Dolcetto. Around Mango you will find the “Nocciola Gentile del Piemonte”, the typical Piemonte hazelnut, which is used in many culinary delicacies.

Mango is near to Alba, the capital of the Langhe region, which is famous for its white earth truffles, its wines and many local food delicacies. All this, in the glorious countryside of Piemonte, soothes spirit and mind!

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